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Retirement Risks: What you should know about inflation risk

Not surprisingly, we all seem to be infatuated with Market Risk, the potential losses of your investments due to those investments losing value. How could you not?  After all, at the very least you get a quarterly statement that clearly states the changes in the value of your investments. But in this instantaneous world we live in more than likely you get 24/7 online access of your investments.  Many in "real time".  To be sure, we are active asset managers and we too spend a large amount of...

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Health Care Costs in Retirement: Some need to know facts

If you are planning to retire soon or are already retired, the 2012 Fidelity Investments estimate of retiree health care costs has some valuable information. For instance, a 65 year old couple retiring this year will need $240,000 to cover medical expenses. According to the annual survey, the costs are allocated as follows:

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News on Social Security and Medicare

The Social Security and Medicare Trustees released their annual report on the status of these important safety nets for the American public. Unlike wine, these programs do not get better with age.  In fact, the report states, “The long-run actuarial deficits of the Social Security and Medicare programs worsened in 2012, though in each case for different reasons." Sobering, but nothing new, because the Trustees have been warning us that the current programs are unsustainable without...

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First Quarter Newsletter - America's Favorite Pastime

The first quarter of 2012 has come to a close and we recently ushered in the beginning of spring. There are many events to look forward to this time of year -- new blossoms on flowers, seasonal cookouts, warm weather, and the official beginning of the baseball season. Now that college basketball’s March Madness has concluded, it is time to pull out the baseball mitt and turn more attention to America’s favorite pastime. Much has transpired in the off season as some wily veterans have decided to...

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Bowers Advisory Group Launches New Website

Bowers Advisory Group, LLC is pleased to announce that their new website is now live on the web at The new website, developed by LeftBrain Website Design, was designed with an emphasis on regularly updated content, useful information and features, and a more user-friendly interface.

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