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Brexit Update - What should you do now?

By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about Brexit. It might seem like a strictly British affair, but it actually has profound economic implications for us here in North America. As your financial advisor, it’s my responsibility to inform you about what some of those implications might be.

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What is a Brexit?

Imagine you started a business with several different partners. Over the years, your business had its ups and downs, its fits and starts, its soaring successes and frustrating failures. During that time, you became more and more tied to your business, and your partners became more than just colleagues. They became people you invested in, and who invested in you. Occasionally, they were also people who you argued with and who argued with you. Sometimes, you didn’t know what you’d do without them...

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Happy Independence Day - What's Right With America

As our nation approaches the 240th anniversary of its independence, I thought it would be good to reflect on the blessings of being an American. It is very easy for us to think about what is wrong with America. Everyday we are bombarded with a constant flow of negative news on television, radio, and in newspapers. There are a great many good things also happening, but all-too-often we don’t find these events being represented in the media.

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A Soldier's Pledge - Our Tribute to Memorial Day

Every Memorial Day, we as a nation stop to think about the courage and sacrifice shown by the men and women who have served our country. We visit the graves of family members who gave literally all that they had to defend our shores and uphold our freedom. And we remember the words of President Ronald Reagan, who said, “The price for freedom at times has been high, but we have never been unwilling to pay that price.”

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Financial Lesson Our Mothers Taught Us

It’s May, and that means Mother’s Day! As you know, Mother’s Day is a chance to tell our Moms how much we love and appreciate them. A chance to say “thanks” for keeping us clothed and fed, safe and warm. Yes, mothers sure do a lot, don’t they? But did you know that most mothers play a huge role in our finances, too?

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What are negative interest rates?

For most people, it starts when they take out their first loan. Others don’t really think about it until they buy a house. But whoever you are and whatever you do, at some point you’ll have to start paying attention to it. I’m referring, of course, to interest rates. Interest rates are one of the many mile markers that separate adulthood from childhood. (You always know someone’s growing up when they start having to worry about interest rates.) But here’s a three- letter term even some adults...

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Elections and the Markets: The $8 Billion Media Blitz

Every four years, Americans take a few minutes out of their day to choose the next President of the United States. Voting is a simple, uncomplicated act—but the months preceding it are anything but. After all, before we vote, we first have to endure the dreaded “campaign season.” From endless televised debates to the plethora of signs on our neighbors’ lawns, “politics” becomes the order of the day.

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We're Hiring - Relationship Manager

For over 8 years, Bowers Advisory Group, LLC has been providing world-class financial advice to investors in the Tri-State area. We are currently looking for a part-time reliable service professional with great “people” skills to help us manage and enhance all existing relationships with clients, strategic partners, and prospects.  Our team members are organized, enthusiastic, and dedicated.  We want someone who shares these traits and will see the role of Relationship Manager as a career...

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Some Interesting History About St. Patrick's Day

In 1736, a young man named George Taylor emigrated from Ireland to Philadelphia. With almost no money, Taylor had little choice but to indenture himself to an ironsmith in order to pay for his passage. In those days, working as an indentured servant meant years of hard labor and little freedom, but it was a course thousands of Irish men and women were forced to take in order to live in the New World. Forty years later, Taylor signed the Declaration of Independence.

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March Madness and Your Money

For some time now, I’ve been blogging on different financial topics. I trust you find most of these topics interesting. However there may be occasions, like today, where the topic might make you blink. Ready? Don’t let the ball control you. Pretty cryptic, right? But take a look at your calendar and things will start to become clear. What month is it? That’s right, it’s March. And we all know what happens in March. Madness.

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