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Special Market Update

It’s October, which means autumn is upon us. But this year, it’s not just the leaves that are falling. The markets have been falling, too. On Wednesday, October 10, the Dow slid more than 800 points. The S&P 500 fell for the fifth straight day. And the tech-heavy NASDAQ was hit hardest of all, dropping more than 4%.1 Both the Dow and the S&P continued sliding on Thursday, too.2

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Back to Basics: Investment Funds

A Few months ago, I started a new series of blogs called “BACK TO BASICS.” In each blog we examine one of the basics of financial planning and investing. This blog, let’s look at: Back to Basics #3: Investment Funds While it’s possible to invest in individual stocks, bonds, and other securities, many investors prefer to use investment funds.

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The Longest Bull Market in History-What to do Now?

Human beings are obsessed with setting records. The fastest. The strongest. The first. The longest. It’s exciting whenever a new record gets set. It makes us feel like we’re witnesses to something important, something historic. Something we can tell our grandchildren about. And now, we can add a new record to the list: The Longest Bull Market in History

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Back to Basics: Asset Allocation

In a previous blog, I started a new series of monthly letters called “BACK TO BASICS.” OVer the course of the next few months, we will continue to examine one of the basics of financial planning. This blog, let’s look at: Back to Basics #2: Asset Allocation When it comes to investing, there’s a lot of terminology and jargon you might see bandied about by financial professionals or the media. Most of these terms are not hard to understand – but they may seem baffling at first glance.

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Update on Trade Dispute Between US and China

“Printing ink, not black, solid.” “Yarn (not sewing thread) of synthetic staple fibers, mixed mainly with artificial staple fibers.” “Meat of swine other than hams, shoulders, bellies and cuts thereof, salted, brined, or smoked.” “Organic surface-active products and preparations for washing the skin, in liquid or cream.” You’re probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about.

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The Tao of Wealth Management

The path to success in many areas of life is paved with continual hard work, intense activity, and a day-to-day focus on results. However, for many investors who adopt this approach to managing their wealth, that can be turned upside down. The Chinese philosophy of Taoism has a phrase for this: “wei wu-wei.” In English, this translates as “do without doing.” It means that in some areas of life, such as investing, greater activity does not necessarily translate into better results.

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Five Ways to Get More Out of Your Social Security Benefits

Technically, you can begin collecting benefits at age 62, but your benefits may be significantly reduced. Instead, waiting till your "full retirement age" (FRA) may be a better option, because it's the age at which you're entitled to full benefits.

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The Impact of Inflation

When the prices of goods and services increase over time, consumers can buy fewer of them with every dollar they have saved. This erosion of the real purchasing power of wealth is called inflation. Inflation is an important element of investing. In many cases, the reason for saving today is to support future spending. Therefore, keeping pace with inflation is a crucial goal for many investors. To help understand inflation’s impact on purchasing power, consider the following illustration of the...

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Back to Basics: The Seven Most Important Retirement Dates

Michael Jordan, perhaps the greatest basketball player who ever lived, once said: “Winners don’t just learn the fundamentals, they master them. You have to monitor your fundamentals constantly, because the only thing that changes will be your attention to them.” But fundamentals aren’t just about succeeding on the court. They’re crucial to your financial success, too. Understanding the basics of financial planning can be the difference between achieving all your goals, or none of them.

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Happy Memorial Day- The Story of Isaac Davis

Lexington and Concord. For many, they’re just names, now. Names out of a history book. But there’s a funny thing about history: When you look closer, new names start to appear. It’s like holding a magnifying glass over a photograph, seeing details leap at you where there were none before. The same is true for the Battles of Lexington and Concord. Look closer and other names will soon emerge. Names like Isaac Davis. An early Patriot

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